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Trusted Ingriedient

A trusted ingredient in traditional medicine “person plant root” is better known?   Ginseng

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Tycoon in Hong Kong

Which Tycoon died at the age of 98 on the 28th May 2020 in Hong Kong?   Ho had been nicknamed variously Godfather and King of Gambling, reflecting the government-granted monopoly he held on the Macau gambling industry for 75 years. His wealth was divided among his daughter, Pansy Ho ($5.3 billion)[1] who owns MGM Macau, […]

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Rolls or not to Rolls

Rolls Royce use only hides from bulls as female cattle (cows) are prone to stretch marks during pregnancy.   True or False?   True

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Pilgrims travel to Lourdes each year. In which region of France is this small market town?   Haute-De-France Brittany Bourgogne-Franche-Compte Occitanie #

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World Ice Golf Championships

Where is the World Ice Golf Championship held? For a bonus point, what colour is the ball?       Since 1999, Uummannaq, Greenland has hosted the Drambuie World Ice Golf Championship. Located 600 km north of the Arctic Circle in Greenland, Uummannaq’s tournament involves a two-day, 36-hole tournament between 36 players. The holes are […]

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