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What is the capital of Australia?       Canberra

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Alexandre Yersin

In June 1894 Franco-Swiss scientist Alexandre Yersin arrived in Hong Kong and made a brilliant discovery of global significance. He discovered the bacillus that causes which disease, which was rife in the territory?   In 1894, during the epidemic in Hong Kong, the organism that causes plague was isolated independently by two bacteriologists, the Frenchman […]

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Tanzania was merged from two states in 1964. What are the two states?     Tanganyika’s independence and unification with Zanzibar leading to the state of Tanzania

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Martian Fuel

The next generation of rockets is being built with the possibility of refueling on Martian land. With this in mind rockets are being produced with the ability to use fuel that can be made there. Apart from Oxygen which of the following is the fuel of choice? Hydrogen Methane Dinitrogen tetroxide combined with hydrazine  

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Private Space

Ellon Musks’s company SpaceEx has successfully docked a privately funded capsule onto the International Space Station in May 2020. The new crew renamed the space capsule. What did they name it?   “I know most of you, at SpaceX especially, know it as Capsule 206,” Hurley said over a space-to-ground video link a few hours […]

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