Places I have been:

  1. Pretty dense

    Where is the world’s more densely populated country?       As the country with the world’s highest population, it is not surprising that the Chinese territory of Macau also has the world’s highest population density at 21,081/km². This is followed by the small European city-state of Monaco at 19,256/km², the south-east Asian city-state of Singapore, and the Chinese ...
  2. Cave dwellers

    Cave dwellers
    In June and July 2018, a widely publicised cave rescue saved the lives of members of a junior football team who were trapped inside this cave system. Twelve members of the team, aged eleven to sixteen, and their 25-year-old assistant coach entered the cave on 23 June after football practice. Shortly afterwards, heavy rains partially ...
  3. Aberdeen City

    Aberdeen is in the North East of Scotland and has two rivers estuaries. Can you name the two rivers?
  4. Macau

    Many of you know we live in Macau. But our postal address is Macau S.A.R. What does S.A.R. stand for?  
  5. Brunei, where is that?

    Brunei is on which island? Which other two States are on the same island?  
  6. A bitter taste

    Angostura Bitters is a well-known additive for cocktails. Invented in 1824. Where has it been made since 1874?
  7. Not Birmingham!

    Not Birmingham!
    Birmingham has 35 miles of canals, more than Venice. However, it does not have the most canals in any city. That honour belongs to which country and which city?
  8. A bit about York

    A bit about York
    Down on the River Ouse is the city of York. Historic city and one of the centers of religion in the United Kingdom. Who settled there first?
  9. Led by a woman

    Which of the following countries is Not led by a woman? a) Norway b) Sweden c) Denmark d) Finland
  10. Knaresborough

    I used to live in Knaresborough. Nearby is a river which flows to the Ouse at Nun Monkton. What is the name of the river?


  1. Trekkies

  2. The Crack of Willow

  3. Postponed Races

  4. Tomb Raider and all that

  5. The Martian

  6. Future Bond

  7. President USA Actor

  8. Queen 3 Complete the verse

  9. Queen – The film

  10. Queen lead

General Knowledge

  1. Australia

  2. Alexandre Yersin

  3. Tanzania

  4. Martian Fuel

  5. Private Space

  6. Spanish Picture

  7. What happened in Dora

  8. Romantic Painter

  9. NASA takes Credit

  10. Crowded Space

General Knowledge 2

  1. Trusted Ingriedient

  2. Tycoon in Hong Kong

  3. Rolls or not to Rolls

  4. Lourdes

  5. World Ice Golf Championships

  6. 100m record

  7. Last meal in Dubai

  8. Cisterns of Tawila

  9. Who was cured?

  10. Greek Mythology